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General configuration options that don't fit elsewhere.


keyword: boolean

Enables sparse keyword indexing for this embeddings.


hybrid: boolean

Enables hybrid (sparse + dense) indexing for this embeddings.


indexes: dict

Key value pairs defining subindexes for this embeddings. Each key is the index name and the value is the full configuration. This configuration can use any of the available configurations in a standard embeddings instance.


format: int|uuid function

Sets the auto id generation method. When this is not set, an autogenerated numeric sequence is used. This also supports UUID generation functions. For example, setting this value to uuid4 will generate random UUIDs. Setting this to uuid5 will generate deterministic UUIDs for each input data row.


    text: name of the text column
    object: name of the object column

Sets the text and object column names. Defaults to text and object if not provided.


format: json|pickle

Sets the configuration storage format. Defaults to json.