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install install

The easiest way to install is via pip and PyPI

pip install txtai

Python 3.8+ is supported. Using a Python virtual environment is recommended.

Optional dependencies

txtai has the following optional dependencies that can be installed as extras. The patterns below are supported in install_requires sections.

Note: Extras are provided for convenience. Alternatively, individual packages can be installed to limit dependencies.


Install all dependencies.

pip install txtai[all]


Serve txtai via a web API.

pip install txtai[api]


Interface with cloud compute.

pip install txtai[cloud]


Command line index query console.

pip install txtai[console]


Additional content storage options.

pip install txtai[database]


Topic modeling, data connectivity and network analysis.

pip install txtai[graph]


Additional non-standard models.

pip install txtai[model]


All pipelines - default install comes with most common pipelines.

pip install txtai[pipeline]

More granular extras are available for pipeline categories: pipeline-audio, pipeline-data, pipeline-image, pipeline-llm, pipeline-text, and pipeline-train.


Word vectors, support for sentence-transformers models not on the HF Hub and additional ANN libraries.

pip install txtai[similarity]


All workflow tasks - default install comes with most common workflow tasks.

pip install txtai[workflow]

Combining dependencies

Multiple dependencies can be specified at the same time.

pip install txtai[pipeline,workflow]

Environment specific prerequisites

Additional environment specific prerequisites are below.


Optional audio transcription requires a system library to be installed


Older versions of Faiss have a runtime dependency on libomp for macOS. Run brew install libomp in this case.


Optional dependencies require C++ Build Tools

The txtai build workflow occasionally has work arounds for other known but temporary dependency issues. The FAQ also has a list of common problems, including common installation issues.

Install from source

txtai can also be installed directly from GitHub to access the latest, unreleased features.

pip install git+


A community-supported txtai package is available via conda-forge.

conda install -c conda-forge txtai

Run with containers

Docker images are available for txtai. See this section for more information on container-based installs.